Record ATAR

 Calrossy is continuing to celebrate some outstanding achievements in the 2017 HSC. Calrossy has achieved four top 10 places in the State in subjects. With ATARS out today, we are also celebrating 11 scores over 90 and possibly the highest ATAR in the region. Eliza Falkenmire received an amazing ATAR of 99.85, placing her in the top 150 students in the State.


  • Health & Wellbeing

    Calrossy's Christian, personal and caring values are nowhere more evident than in the boarding houses.

  • Secondary Girls Facilities

    Calrossy has four boarding facilities for Secondary Girls, conveniently located on or near the Brisbane Street Campus.

  • Secondary Boys Facilities

    Our boys' boarding facility is located near the William Cowper Campus and central to Tamworth.



Calrossy offers a variety of scholarships across disciplines for Secondary students.