P & F

Calrossy Parents and Friends Association is a body of diverse invested parents. Our  focus is to be custodians of the school culture and implement fund raising initiatives to help with the implementation of learning aids and a better school environment.

Parents both past and present are welcome to join the Calrossy P & F.  The overarching P & F is a group of 11 elected parents. This is made up of two parents from each student body, the Secondary Girls, Secondary Boys and the Calrossy Primary School. Each August, an Executive of 5 is elected to represent the school P & F in administrative governance and leadership roles. These office bearers are a P & F President, P & F Secretary, P & F Treasurer, P & F Vice President and an Elected Parent representative from the Boarding Students and their community of both Girls and Boys  .

The P & F  focus is to maintain and enhance the School culture and implement fund raising initiatives. The organisation also keeps abreast of  planning and implementation matters from the School executive and provides a platform for parents to stay in touch with what is happening at each learning centre. Meetings are twice a term for each learning centre and once a term for the overarching P & F.

The Calrossy P & F extend a warm welcome to all parents to attend these regular meetings for which dates are on the school calendar and get involved in developing a better school environment for all our children.