Tangara Calrossy School Farm


Calrossy has its own working farm providing students with firsthand experience and skills in Primary Industries.


Tangara is 230 acres or 93 hectares in size, has two quite distinct soil types and is well set up for irrigation, for which it has a 100 megalitre licence.


Tangara functions as a working farm on which students are provided with the opportunity to learn in context. Learning is achieved as students undertake activities that are consistent with those of a working farm, including farm development, enterprise management and marketing of agricultural products.

The range of activities undertaken by Calrossy Agriculture, Primary Industries and Cattle Team students includes:

  • Fence construction & repair (both conventional and electric).
  • Operation of vehicles and farm machinery.
  • Livestock mustering and handling.
  • Preparation of stud livestock for sale.
  • Applied work health & safety.
  • Grazing management.
  • Assisting with irrigation of pastures and forage crops.
  • Climate/weather and the workplace.
  • Livestock selection.
  • Artificial breeding techniques including oestrous synchronisation, AI and ET work.
  • Safe chemical usage
  • Animal health including monitoring, vaccination, drenching, basic veterinary treatment (for example pinkeye, calf scours).
  • Tree planting
  • Lot feeding vs grass feeding of livestock


Students involved in the HSC subject Primary Industries regularly visit the farm to carry out the practical component of this subject.

Tangara is also home to the Calrossy Cattle Team, made up of girls and boys from Year 7 to 11 that have a particular interest in the preparation and showing of beef cattle. 

Tangara is located at 1451 Oxley Highway, Tamworth.


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