2020 Bursary Assistance Application


Bursary assistance on tuition fees may be available to parents who would like to provide their children with a Calrossy Anglican School education but find the costs of full fees financially prohibitive.  Priority is given to families currently attending the school and is intended as short term assistance for those whose financial situation has recently changed.


Assistance is provided for a maximum of one year and if further assistance is required, a new application form must be submitted.  If you are planning on sending your children to Calrossy Anglican School and are concerned that it may be financially difficult, we also encourage you to contact the following organisations for assistance.


For further information, please make an appointment with the Business Manager.

Telephone: (02) 5776 5100



Click here for the 2020 Bursary Assistance Form



Other forms of Financial Assistance:


Edstart - This provides an easier way to pay school fees. For more information click http://edstart.com.au


Yalari - Scholarships

Scholarships are available for …”Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children who live in rural, regional or remote areas of Australia and are only available for students entering year 7 only”… Scholarships are limited to 2 students per family.  Yalari states …”We aim to nurture the ‘whole’ child – giving everyone a chance to shine and lead in their own way by recognising their personal potential, not only those who are academically gifted or good at sport”…

For more information contact:   www.yalari.org



Bush Children’s Education Foundation - Scholarships
These scholarships are ..."designed to help needy, remote area families of NSW cover the gap between accommodation costs at a country boarding school and assistance received from the Federal Government's AIC (assistance for Isolated Children) and/or, and/or the NSW Government's LAFHA (Living away from home allowance).  Families whose children are weekly boarders are ineligible to apply..."  For more information contact:  www.bcef.org.au



Isolated Children’s Parents’ Association of Australia (ICPA)

While the ICPA does not provide funding for secondary students attending boarding schools, they are a useful source of information and a beneficial contact for families with students attending boarding schools.  For more information contact:  www.icpa.com.au



The Assistance for Isolated Children’s Scheme 

 “…The Assistance for Isolated Children Scheme (AIC) helps the families of primary, secondary, and certain tertiary students who cannot attend an appropriate state school on a daily basis because of geographical isolation. It is an Australian Government program managed by the Department of Human Services.  Centrelink, which is part of the Department of Human Services conducts assessments, processes claims and makes payments…”  It is not means tested.

For more information contact:   www.humanservices.gov.au/customer/services/centrelink/assistance-isolated-children-scheme

School Plan

This is a subsidiary of the Australian Scholarships Group.  Families make regular payments to School Plan who in turn forward the cost of the term's fees to Calrossy at the beginning of each school term.  By doing this, families are able to have fees paid on time each term.  Families area able to commence payments to ASG prior to the student commencing at our school, in effect creating a head start for payment of fees.  For more information contact:   www.schoolplan.com.au








  • Health & Wellbeing

    Calrossy's Christian, personal and caring values are nowhere more evident than in the boarding houses.

  • Secondary Girls Facilities

    Calrossy has four boarding facilities for Secondary Girls, conveniently located on or near the Brisbane Street Campus.

  • Secondary Boys Facilities

    Our boys' boarding facility is located near the William Cowper Campus and central to Tamworth.



Calrossy offers a variety of scholarships across disciplines for Secondary students.