A small gift today, can carry the future of tomorrow's generations.

Calrossy has always championed a culture of charity and benevolence. Bursaries and scholarships were supported in the earliest days and this continues today along with support for our future resourcing, construction and development projects.

Since our official launch in the 2019 Centenary year, the Calrossy Anglican School Foundation has continued to invest for the future of ‘Calrossy’ through the four ‘arms’ of the ‘Foundation’ being the Building, Scholarship, Bursary and Library Funds.

This significant investment has already provided generous support to the tune of $350,000 for the first of the Multi-use classroom buildings on the William Cowper Campus. This development and those buildings and facilities planned to follow, will enable each campus to stand-alone, advancing the Diamond Model of our School and providing purpose-built learning spaces for our students at every stage.

The Foundation Committee, governed by the Calrossy Board, has been working tirelessly to manage the portfolio of the ‘Foundation’ through sustainable and ethical investment. While our Foundation is still in its infancy, we have been developing corporate support and have partnership arrangements in place with Woodley’s Motor Group, Viatek and Westfund Health.

We are very fortunate to have the generous support of these businesses along with the wider Calrossy Community and we sincerely thank everyone who has supported the Foundation’ through these unprecedented times. The ‘Foundation’, like all of us, had its 2020 plans impacted by COVID-19, however we look to the future with excitement and enthusiasm. We intend to continue engaging with the wider Calrossy Community in an effort to build relationships and raise funds to enable us to invest today, in an effort to support the generations of tomorrow. We will be hosting events for our community to come together to socially network and to learn more about how the ‘Foundation’ supports the growth and development of the school and all of its students.

During 2020, the ‘Foundation’ has also been able to help with the gift of education for a number of families and hopes to extend its Scholarship and Bursary programs as we grow and mature. In time, we hope that those who see the broad ranging benefits of having Calrossy able to provide financial support to students and their families, and/or invest in our facilities and resources for all current and future students, and/or those who may have received financial support directly from the school, are able promote the work undertaken by the Foundation. That is:  

  • To promote the ongoing development of Calrossy Anglican School (CAS) and its facilities, sites, students and alumni, via: 
     the fostering of relationships from across the breadth of the school including past, present and future, staff, students, parents and volunteers. 
     the promotion of the Building Fund, Scholarship Fund, Bursary Fund and Library Fund 
  • Raising awareness of and promoting the events and activities of the ‘Foundation’
  • Building a community base of support for the ‘Foundation’ and communication amongst the broader CAS community (past, present and future).
  • Generating an active interest of CAS Alumni (students, parents, extended families & staff) in:
    the life and career events of one another (Alumni),
    current and future student achievements and opportunities, 
    the development and evolution of CAS


How one gesture of generosity forged a family legacy


If you would like to speak about Foundation CAS or any of the fundraising projects Calrossy is involved in, please contact the School Development Coordinator, Mr Michael Wilson, on 5776 5100.   

If you would like to make a contribution to our Foundation CAS, either as a general donation or to a particular Fund.


Call: Community Development Coordinator, Michael Wilson on 0415 452 263

Online:      Donate Now  

All receipts contain the Foundation CAS name, ABN, date etc for full tax deductibility.

Online Instructions: 
From the main menu choose:

Donations - Tax Deductible Donations -
Then choose the ‘Fund’ to donate to specifically ie:

  • Building Fund Donation, or
  • Bursary Fund Donation, or
  • Library Fund Donation, or
  • Scholarship Fund Donation

Options are then $25, $50, $100 (or multiples thereof) or a chosen amount.