Calrossy Anglican School aims to meet the needs of every student, every lesson, everyday through a personalised academic program. 


Calrossy encourages students to explore subjects and co-curricular activities available to them allowing them to identify, develop and expand their talents.


In addition to our core subjects we offer elective pathways that we adjust depending on student demand. The diamond structure of combining some senior classes allows the School to be flexible and offer a diverse curriculum for all Secondary students.


At Calrossy we strive to maintain smaller class sizes  to allow for optimum learning and to give our students the best chance to contribute and develop confidence in their education.


2017 HSC Success We congratulate all our students of the class of 2017 for their outstanding effort and results in this year's HSC. We have some great results including Eliza Falkenmire receiving five Band 6 results, an ATAR of 99.85 and being named on the All Rounders List.  Calrossy students achieved Fift...
Years 7-8 In Year 7 and 8 there is a dedicated emphasis on core disciplines while allowing our students to explore and develop their interests in other learning others.
Year 11-12 In Years 11 and 12 each student undertakes a pattern of study in preparation for the Higher School Certificate and future tertiary study. We maintain a focus on small class sizes and personalised tuition to suit each student's individual learning needs and styles. Some senior classes are mixed gender to allow Calrossy to offer a diverse elective choice and teaching excellence.
Beyond Calrossy Calrossy Careers helps to ensure students are informed of their choices and make smart decisions for their future.
Academic Pathways There are numerous academic pathways available for our students, who are encouraged to extend themselves and are given every opportunity to develop and test their knowledge and learning.
Vocational Pathways At Calrossy there are numerous vocational pathways available, among the most popular are in hospitality and primary industries.
Innovation and Technology Calrossy uses state of the art educational technologies and learning systems every day.
Resource Centres The Resource Centres are the hub of the School where students can research using physical and internet facilities.
Student Learning Services We have a team across the School that consists of specialist staff in Wellbeing, Health and Learning Support.


  • Health & Wellbeing

    Calrossy's Christian, personal and caring values are nowhere more evident than in the boarding houses.

  • Secondary Girls Facilities

    Calrossy has four boarding facilities for Secondary Girls, conveniently located on or near the Brisbane Street Campus.

  • Secondary Boys Facilities

    Our boys' boarding facility is located near the William Cowper Campus and central to Tamworth.



Calrossy offers a variety of scholarships across disciplines for Secondary students.