Calrossy 7-9 and Junior School SRC students join together for a common cause

THE Calrossy Junior School and Calrossy 7-9 SRC are proud to share their current project with the wider School community. The SRC has managed to acquire a 1963 Millard Capri Caravan. The SRC is working towards making this into a mobile food van that can be used by the SRC and P & F to sell food items at Calrossy and in doing so raise money for projects that they would like to fund on both campuses.

There is great excitement about this project from the students which is wonderful to see. The Junior School SRC have already worked hard to clean out the caravan, while the 7-9 SRC have managed to empty the caravan of its inbuilt furniture. Mr Todd McDonald (7-9 SRC Coordinator) and Ms Summa Key (Junior School SRC) are both excited by the project and the enthusiasm already shown by the students.

Yr 8 student Angus Redgwell, just one of the SRC students involved in the project said "I am excited about this project because I feel like i am helping the School grow. Molly Carey shares his enthusiam. "I’m excited for this project, as its something that students from Kindergarten to Yr 9 can work on something physically. I hope we can use it as a 7-9 School Canteen, hopefully also use it for school events. The funds brought through hot chocolates, food and anything bought at the food caravan will go towards installing more shade shelter at the Calrossy William Cowper Campus"

Likewise, the Junior School are excited about the project. The Junior School SRC has already held one fundraiser where the money was raised for the Calrossy P & F and the Cancer Council. 

This was with the very popular Winter Wednesday's, where the SRC made delicious Hot chocolates that were sold for $2 a cup.  Winter Wednesday's has so far helped the students raise $390 dollars.  The SRC would like to thank the Kitchen staff for their help with this initiative. The Junior School SRC will continue their fundraising efforts to help refurbish the Caravan with plans hold a Sushi lunch drive in Term 4.

Calrossy Secondary teacher Mr Todd McDonald and Junior School teacher Ms Key have been blown away by the enthusiasm of both Junior School and 7-9 SRC and have set an ambitious target of having the Caravn operational by Term 4. The SRC then hopes to use the funds to purchase more shade structures for the school. They have estimated a total cost of $5000 to fully renovate the caravan.  They are hoping to raise and additional $10K by the end of 2022. The SRC are also looking at having a naming and design competition for the refurbished van.  

If you would like to support the SRC and help make these projects happen you can:

  1. Donate via the QKR app. On the app, choose the Donations & Fundraising menu and select Fundraising SRC.
  2. Donate resources (Stainless steel, lining, other material goods. Perhaps you have a business that could be a sponsor).
  3. Donate expertise (Mr Todd McDonald will require some help to put it all together).

For more information please contact Mr Todd McDonald at