Calrossy creates rescue pouches

 With assessment out of the way the students of Year 9 and 10 elective Textiles classes have found a great cause to spend their time on. They are busily sewing pouches and liners for wildlife impacted by the recent bushfires across Eastern Australia.

They are making them for a facebook group called, The Rescue Collective. They collect items all year round, relying on donations including wildlife pouches, wraps, nests as well as food and medical supplies etc. The recent fires in New South Wales and Queensland has meant the demand for these items has skyrocketed with displaced and injured wildlife.

They have a drop off ‘hub’ in Tamworth at Chris Watson Travel and then they send the items to either the Sydney or Brisbane office of the Collective Group.

The girls are using leftover material from textiles classes, with Spotlight also donating some suitable material for the project.

"I thought this would be a great activity for the girls to get involved in as they have finished their assessments and have all these skills they can put to good use", said Textiles teacher Ce-Anne Brennan.