Career and Community Connections Program

What is the Career & Community Connections program?

This is a program designed to give students a greater understanding the diversity of careers throughout the community and how this relates to what they may want to do once they leave school. The program helps to raise awareness of the world of careers through their awareness, to build their confidence to achieve their goals both at school and after they leave school. The program develops a culture within the cohort that promotes careers as being fun, inspiring, energising, enthusing and motivating.  

What do we do?

Over the course of the year, students will participate in many activities both within and outside of the school, including;

•          Career testing 

•          Visits to the University of New England, TAFE, business, industrial and community services sites

•          Guest speakers and online discussions with people from all over the world

•          Primary School mentoring, career coaching students 

•          Community service programs and volunteering.


When do we do it?


Six periods over a fortnightly cycle including two double periods within the fortnightly cycle.  


What are the benefits of this program?

•          Broaden awareness of the community and its needs

•          Feel empowered when students realise how they can become part of the wider   community 

•          Learn to use effective communication skills with members of the public and throughout key sections of the community

•          Personal development

•          Becoming more responsive of the different pathways to training for employment

•          Experience the workplace and its demands

•          Begin to realise how school provides a relevant pathway to future employment

•          Identify career options that interest and suit you

•          Begin to understand what it is like to be an adult with responsibility

•          Appreciate the power of learning by helping others learn.