Class of 2021 starts HSC

The Calrossy Class of 2021 finally began their HSC examinations today, after a series of delays due to COVID and lockdowns.

The entire Calrossy community wishes them the best with these exams but also reminds them that their worth is so much more than just a series of exams, with the Principal, David Smith, having this message for the graduating students.

"I am extremely proud of our current Year 12s as their final two years of schooling have been hugely disrupted. Many of the enjoyable aspects of the Year 12 experience have been taken away – their leadership of younger students, the special rite of passage events, final assemblies and celebrations.  The sense of closure (and relief) that comes from completing the journey well has been affected. So much of the joy of finishing school amongst assessments, tests, assessment taks and study pressure revolves around the fun events, socialisation and the sense of being together through the hard bits. The biggest challenge has been the uncertainty and constant changes they have had to face, including lockdowns and Trial exams online.

The silver lining for the students is that school is more than just the ‘now’ – it is about preparing students for the future and readying them to live healthy adults lives. Given what they have experienced, they can be very confident that they have the skills and mindset to handle anything ahead. Life beyond school is a lot about change – leaving home, taking on responsibility, being reliable and dependable, solving problems. This group have already shown that they can do this and I am very confident and optimistic that they have what it takes to be successful.  The group have been very appreciative of the staff care shown and this has been very encouraging as the relationships that develop with staff in final years is important in the process.

I am in awe of our students and wish them every success. Despite the uncertainty and changes, they have stayed optimistic, rolled with the situation, stayed resilient and supported each other. Our staff has admired the qualities they have shown in getting on with it, despite all the external factors that have affected them.  We wish them every success in the next month and beyond, looking forward to celebrating with them finally in a Valedictory Dinner in early December."