HSC Success for the Class of 2019

Calrossy has had outstanding results in the 2019 HSC.  Overall Calrossy students achieved 52 Top Band results across 18 subjects, had four students place Top 2 in the State including a 1st and two equal 2nd in Primary Industries and also a 2nd in Agriculture.  In addition, two students, Kate Stacey and Megan Seis were named on the All Rounder Achievement List which acknowledges students who have been awarded a Band 6 in six subjects.  Kate Stacey achieved an ATAR of 99.35 and in doing so has become the Calrossy Anglican School Dux for 2019.  Some other impressive results were 100% of students who studied Music, Visual Arts and Maths Extension receiving top two bands in these subjects with 100% of Textiles and Design students receiving Top three bands.  Two Textiles students, Lauren Gillan and Isabella Riolo, works were also chosen in the Texstyle Exhibition of Works of Excellence. Both students also achieved Band 6’s (96 and 92 respectively) for textiles and 100% for their practical component.

Well done Class of 2019