Co-Curricular clubs

Students have a vast range of extra activities available to them to explore and develop their interests from the environment through to chess, Christianity and robotics.

In Primary they include:

  • Chess (Calrossy enters Primary Chess Teams in various State and Regional Chess Competitions, students are encouraged to meet and practice at lunchtime sessions with mentors).
  • Junior and Senior Science Club (These target budding scientists with a curiousity for the world and a focus on pratical science based activities and investigations).
  • Enviro Club (This club focuses on making changes around the School and the local environment, including recycling, tree plantings and waste free lunch days).
  • Vegie Patch (Food recycling, catching chickens, feeding the worm farm, and planting bean seeds have all been part of the lunchtime vegetable patch club this year).
  • Light at Lunch (Students explore the Christian faith and values and how they relate the world they live in).
  • Coding and Makerspace (Students explore coding, robotics and have fun exploring the resource of our Makerspace, such as 3D printing, bee bots and mircobits).


In Secondary they include:

  • Chess (as above)
  • Media Team (Students take part in photography/video exploring media opportunities and stories they can share from around the School, working with the IT Intregator and Marketing team).
  • Innovation (Robotics, coding and Makerspace projects).
  • Christian Clubs (Students are encouraged to attend these lunchtime sessions where they can explore and discuss various faiths).
  • Duke of Edinburgh (Students are supported to attain the registration levels of the Duke of Ed as they participate in various service and skill based activities).