Introducing Mr James Forsyth

Introducing James Forsyth.

James Forsyth works in Secondary at Calrossy in the HSIE Department as a teacher of Geography (7-12) and Society and Culture (11-12) and has been a valued member of the Teaching team for six years. He currently is teaching Year 11 Geography and Society and Culture, Year 12 Geography and Society and Culture, Year 8 Geography and a Year 10 Geography.

Mr Forsyth has been recognised outside of the classroom for his teaching expertise and has a number of other academic commitments;

  • 2017/2018 HSC Marker for Geography.
  • 2019 Speaker at the AISNSW Geography Conference. Presenting on the HSC Stage 6 Geography Syllabus.
  • 2019 An assessor for the Independent Schools HSC Trial Geography Paper.
  • 2020 Part of the Independent Schools HSC Trial Committee, contributing to the HSC Trial and Preliminary Papers.
  • 2020 AISNSW Convenor for Geography, which entails the following;  Convening the Geography Professional Learning Advisory Committee; Involved in professional learning programs for Geography; Coordinating the AISNSW Geography Conference in conjunction with AISNSW consultants.
  • Represent the AISNSW as a stakeholder with organisations such as NESA and ACARA.

But don’t just take our word for it… what do the students have to say about Mr Forsyth!

“Well where do I start. Mr Forsyth is one of the most, if not the most, dedicated teachers I have ever been taught by. No matter what the task is, he always has the student body in his best interest. His ability to go above and beyond for his students is unbelievable.” Mitch Watts – Year 12 (Geography and Society and Culture)

“Mr Forsyth always goes above and beyond, (especially for his fav senior geo + society classes), to ensure everyone is achieving to the best of their abilities and having an absolute ball while we're at it. I always look forward to my classes with him (most days I spend half my day in his presence) as its always guaranteed to be a good time with a good mate. Legend. 

If all my teachers or role models in my future are even half as caring, considerate, funny and helpful as Mr Forsyth, I will be a very happy and lucky person.” Emma Parry – Year 12 (Geography and Society and Culture)

“Learning with Mr Forsyth is always fun and engaging! Every lesson is unique, we are constantly learning new content and skills. He always provides resources and information that is relevant and engages us as teenagers. In relation to Assessments and module guides, he allows us as students to explore content individually and according to our interests. Geography has become one of my favourite subjects, knowing that help and feedback isn’t far away. Overall, Mr Forsyth is always enthusiastic and supportive, creating a happy learning environment, to thrive in.” Mia Thompson - Year 11 (Geography)

Now let’s hear from Mr Forsyth

Why did you become a teacher?

I became a teacher as there was one particular humanities teacher that I had in my senior schooling that really inspired and encouraged me to follow this career path. She was such a passionate and enthusiast teacher, which was infectious and that is where my love for the humanities began. She was an individual that demonstrated genuine care towards her students all wanting them to succeed. It is a privilege to be involved in adolescent’s lives in some of their most critical and formative years. 

The best part about being a teacher?

Teaching is a dynamic profession encompassing diverse roles and there is never a dull moment, and this is what makes it so interesting in my opinion. I love fostering a passion for the humanities, providing students with the skills and knowledge to be actively informed citizens about contemporary economic, social and environmental issues that face the world. It is exciting when students question, think critically and deeply about the issues that face society. Teaching is a very rewarding profession, as I love seeing the academic growth of students who have been so diligent and conscientious having a strong desire to succeed. The strong relationships and mutual respect that is forged with senior students is something that is truly very special. I have been very fortunate to have taught some inspiring young people that I still follow their progress now even after they have finished school in their chosen professions and still check the odd university assessment for them.