It's National Science Week at Calrossy


Through studying Science and Technology students explore and understand the world around them. They develop skills in conducting scientific investigations and designing and producing solutions through learning. It starts small, or rather simple, in the early years of education, a spotlight on the Living World, Material World, Physical World, Earth and Space and Digital Technologies. At Calrossy in Prep this might involve a visit to the vegie patch but as our students grow and learn, the study of Science deepens and grows with them. Following on from the foundation of Primary, in Secondary our students become independent and confident scientists conducting their own investigations and specialising in certain disciplines. These studies provide the platform for further tertiary study, or simply for curious and independent learning and practice after school.

A great example of Science in action at Calrossy are the Year 3 Science Days. Each term this year Year 3 have participated in special STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths) Days which allows the students to explore, test and further their knowledge by investigating inquiry and focus questions. They are given real life problems from which they need to research, plan, design, test, implement and evaluate. The challenges are wide ranging from planning, designing, producing and evaluating a way to help stop/slow water erosion of a house in a yard, to researching and producing a Rube Goldberg Machine demonstrating the forces of push, pull, contact, non-contact, gravity and friction. Are you wondering what this machine is? Ask one of our year 3 students!

At Calrossy Science is an integrated discipline that fosters in students a sense of wonder and curiousity about the world around them and how it works. This is made possible through access to the latest digital technologies, dedicated staff and professional development, which ensures STEAM is at the heart of all learning. Specialised IT Integrators work alongside Primary and Secondary teachers to enhance classroom learning with technology.

In fact, the Science focus in Calrossy Primary is so great, that last year we had teachers invited to present at the 2019 DigiSTEM Conference in Sydney. This followed on from their work in the Science to Reseatch Practice Initiative that looked at ways to enhance and implement the current curriculum to promote learning and interest for our young scientists.

This included the implementation of a Science and Technology Program in Primary that includes:

  • Learning broader concepts than can be applied in new situations
  • Content that is meaningful to the student’s experience and interest
  • Guiding students in active and extended student inquiry
  • Providing opportunities for scientific discussion among students
  • Groups working cooperatively to investigate problems or issues
  • Open-ended activities that investigate relevant science questions
  • Science being interesting for all students
  • Learning science actively by seeking understanding from multiple sources of information, including books, the Internet, media reports, discussion and hands-on investigations.

The Science Journey continues at Calrossy through to the HSC, with the School offering a diverse range of established and new electives in Science, from Investigating Science, Earth and Environmental, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The academic results speak for themselves. In recent years the School has received top 10 placings in the State in a variety of Science disciplines, including Biology and Physics. Happy National Science Week!