Give your child the best start in their education.

Kindergarten at Calrossy focuses on early literacy and numeracy skills, with the best evidence-based programs aimed at developing core knowledge and building strong foundations for future learning.

Alongside the learning in Kindergarten is a focus on the learner: knowing each child, who they are and how they learn. There is an emphasis on social skills, school routines, collaboration and independence.

What makes Calrossy stand out from the rest?

  • Favourable class sizes. This means each student is noticed, learning is enhanced and results improved.
  • Personalised learning. At Calrossy every student and their learning is valued as an individual.
  • Countless Opportunities. Within and beyond the classroom, students can explore and develop new and existing interests, from Chess Club, Enviro Club, Public Speaking, Debating, Vegie Patch, Coding and Robotics.
  • One seamless educational journey from Prep to Year 12.
  • STEAM focused. Calrossy has specialist IT Integrators working alongside classroom teachers ensuring technology is meshed into everyday activities.
  • Cultural Growth. As early as Prep students have the chance to enjoy and develop cultural pursuits at Calrossy. This includes an instrumental program and children are also introduced to a second language, at present this is Japanese.

Kindergarten Connect 2021

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