New uniform FAQS

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What is the process and thinking with a uniform change?

Introducing a new uniform is always a difficult process. Those involved in committees have constructively pointed out principles to be considered, though opinions shared have varied. 

A brief summary of ideas includes:

  • Continuing with the current red and blue blazers worn by Secondary boys and girls, extending these into the Junior School from Year 3
  • Changing the Junior School boy shirt from white to chambray (blue), similar to that of Secondary boys
  • Changing the boys’ pants to blue, both summer and winter
  • More contemporary styling, based on Noone’s design work in over 100 independent and government schools
  • Introduction of a uniform in a combination of red/blue, signifying the students together. A Senior uniform is a feature in many schools, in which the older students enjoy a rite of passage into something different.
  • Junior School summer dresses that are uniquely Calrossy, transitioning into skirts for Secondary students.

Is this proposal for change respecting our history and our traditional uniforms?

Calrossy has had a history of adapting to the times, in the interests of students. The new uniforml is based around traditional colours, featuring the red and navy blazers of which we are known. 

I have concerns about the fading or the durability of some items?

Noone Imagewear confirm that all the items, including the boy’s navy pants/shorts, have anti fade properties.

These pants are a polyester viscose blend that means they are comfortable to wear but easy to care for. They are machine washable and can be tumble dried. We have listened to parents and understand these items need to be hard wearing and easy care, while remaining a cost-effective option.

Do the Junior School Boys and Calrossy 7-9 Boys Winter pants match the navy blazer?

These items would be colour matched. However, they are not intended to appear as a suit.

What fabrics are used for Summer?

The Summer shirts and tunics would be of a polycotton blend, similar to the current dresses, lightweight, breathable and of a durable fabric. Noone serve Queensland schools and have indicated that even with the blues/reds in the dresses, feedback is that they are cool and comfortable.

What will be the skirt lengths?

All new pleated and fully lined skirts will be manufactured to a standard knee length.

Is the Junior School Boys Summer Shirt to be tucked in?

At this stage after consultation Noone have proposed that the shirts are tailored and remain out. However, we are seeking feedback on this issue, as feedback varied. 

What is happening with the ties?

There will be different ties to demonstrate transitions between Junior School, Calrossy 7-9 and Senior Secondary.

Are there any proposed changes to the sports uniform?


What is happening with the formal hats?

Consultation is still happening with Noone and this will be announced shortly. A new uniform policy for 2022 will clarify the use of hats across the School.

Will there be unisex items?


What will the transition period be?

The new uniform would be in place for the 2022 school year, it will be phased in during a two year transition period.

Students will not be able to wear a mix of uniforms, however, our current Year 9 students will have a three year phase in period as their final year consists of only three terms.