Rosalind Jones outstanding contribution to Calrossy

Today our Calrossy Archivist Rosalind Jones formally retires from Calrossy, marking the end of over 40 years in education and 56 continuous years in Schools.  Principal Mr David Smith shared these words highlighting her remarkable career.  

"Rosalind has been a ‘powerhouse’ educator, having enjoyed an illustrious school career, serving as a Head of English and History both here and elsewhere, teaching extensively at a Senior teacher level, being involved in leadership and administration and proving invaluable to Calrossy for 10 years as School Archivist, having earlier in some of Australia’s leading independent Schools. She has served on National and State subject boards and curriculum committees to great distinction, was the Head of the Australian History Teachers Association and is a Life Member of a state History body as well.

Most notably, she has been a pioneer in education, paving the path for women in leadership and educational decision making, often acting as a strong advocate for girls and equal opportunity. What is little known is that she has been a learner herself, achieving two Masters degrees, other higher education qualifications, and served as a state level curriculum and textbook writer amongst many other things during her career.

Rosalind’s contribution to Calrossy has been significant first as Head of English and History and more recently in Archives. She was a member of staff at the time of the ‘amalgamation’, bringing her grace and understanding to that tumultuous period in the life of our school. Her contribution to our 2019 Centenary was immense and I have been delighted by the way she has helped to ‘tell the Calrossy story’ through the recollections of generations of alumni and school characters. She has assisted our school history to ‘speak’ our loud.

She wrote to me that she feels justified to critics who opposed her being awarded a scholarship at UNE on her Leaving Certificate results, believing that such an award would be wasted on a girl. Rosalind also wrote that she feels fortunate to have had a career that she has found so rewarding.

Rosalind has been a wonderful contributor to education and we wish her every success in the next stage of her life as she adjusts to retired life. I have no doubt we will see her next year as we celebrate 100 years of Calrossy on the Brisbane Street campus. 

Thanks for all she has contributed to teaching and the education of young women and men.

Congratulations and best wishes from us all at Calrossy."