Tamworth Regional Council youth mayor Calli Nagle to run life skill workshops for region's youth

Story courtesy of the Northern Daily Leader, Tuesday Feb 15


LIFE SKILLS are at the top of Tamworth youth mayor Calli Nagle's to-do list.

The almost 17-year-old has been elected to the top job with Tamworth Regional Youth Council, and she hopes to use her position to let the 'adult council' know exactly what young people want.

"I wanted to help provide opportunities to other youth in Tamworth, to try to raise awareness of what's out there, what opportunities there are and things for them to participate in," she said.

"I didn't even know what The Youthie was until I joined the youth council and now I spend so much time over there.

"I just wish that I knew more of what's around town before the youth council and before I'm nearly 18."

A school student herself, Cr Nagle said there's a gap in the market when it comes to teaching young people life skills.

It's something she would like to see Tamworth Regional Council (TRC) get involved with.

"I think that life experience workshops would be amazing, through the youth council I've learned how to make a coffee and other food hygiene things," she said.

"It can take you a long way and you can spark an interest or a passion, so having some life skills workshops would be amazing."

The youth council is heavily involved in Youth Week activities and helps out with school holiday programs.

But Cr Nagle wants it to be so much more than that.

"You have to have a passion for helping others and youth, the youth council is such an amazing place to learn about yourself and others and what's out there in the world," she said.

"I've grown so much.

"It's good for your resume but it shouldn't be the reason why you do it - it's not just something to put on the resume it's something you have to be passionate about or you won't make it through."

Cr Nagle said there was a lack of awareness about the youth council in the first place, but now she is being approached by her peers wanting to know more.

Young people can submit ideas or topics to the council through the Tamworth Regional Council website.