What can Calrossy Senior Secondary deliver for your son or daughter?

  • Calrossy's Senior Secondary Campus, which caters for Year 10 to 12, allows Year 10 students to gain broader exposure to the curriculum, allowing them to explore elective and compulsory subjects before they choose their HSC subjects.
  • Transitions can be difficult. Calrossy Senior Secondary gives your son or daughter access to proven and established wellbeing and academic pathways designed to promote their success in the Senior years regardless of their focus, whether it is further tertiary study, employment or a vocational career.
  • Designated Senior Campus. Our Brisbane Street Campus offers our Year 10-12 students plenty of space to learn and grow into young adults, including a special Year 12 study centre and Resource Centre for the other years.
  • Real commitment and ownership by academic staff for the success of their students. Calrossy’s remains committed to the Professional Development of all staff to ensure what is happening in and out of the classroom is leading edge and best practice. In 2022 Calrossy has several teachers who have been selected for HSC Marking and/or are representatives on curriculum associations.
  • In 2021 Calrossy was once again the top performing school in the HSC in the New England and North West based on our success rate. Those results included seven ATARS above 95. Three top 10 in the State places in subjects. 50 Distinguished Achiever (top band) results.
  • Calrossy Senior students have access to established partnerships with industry, business and other educational institutions in the north west ensuring a diverse range of vocational and industry pathways and a diverse range of courses are on offer.
  • Senior students have access to an established Careers Program that aims to assist students individually and collectively. Calrossy acknowledges every student is different, with different career interests, career motivations and very different methods and paths a student may ultimately arrive at choosing their future career endeavours. This is why, fundamentally the origin of all career related support initiatives, it is about creating the ‘Career Story’ for every student taking into consideration what they know and what they may not yet know and including the village to assist with helping to create every student ‘Career Story’.
  • Almost 100% of our students who apply for University courses will be successful with entering a course of their choosing. Some will decide to continue the year after their HSC, some others will choose to defer and then take up their chosen course 6 or 12 months and sometimes 2 years after leaving school. 
  • A fun fact, over the past 4 years, around 79% of all Calrossy students who have applied for courses for Universities or other tertiary institutions have received offers before they sit their HSC.