The future of Calrossy's Houses.

Calrossy’s sporting houses originated in 1934, established by Head Mistress, Miss Parr, to build the School’s esprit de corps a phrase she commonly used. The House System was designed to award points to groups and individuals for their efforts in all aspects of school life. These names were based on aboriginal names meaning ours and together. The sporting names for the secondary boys and primary were based upon prominent Australians with a focus on selflessness and excellence.

These Houses have proved to be an integral part of our School across pastoral care, sporting, cultural programs, contributing much to healthy belonging and School pride. Through the House System leadership opportunities for students has allowed the House Leaders to develop personal qualities. While demonstrating their spirit and passion of the interhouse competitions.

The Calrossy House system has always been fundamental part of the social fabric of Calrossy, albeit in separate parts of the School and over time which has created a strong bond for members of the Houses across the years. We have enjoyed a diverse history of healthy House rivalry across the Secondary girls, Secondary boys and Primary.

While we treasure our 101 year history and continue to reconnect with our Alumni and wider community, Calrossy is looking to the future. In 2021 Years 7 – 9 will transition to boy and girl classes on the William Cowper Campus and a Year 10-12 Senior Campus will be established on Brisbane Street. Calrossy is turning its eye to on the next 100 years, it is fitting time to further solidify our School and the unique journey Calrossy now offers our students from Prep to Year 12.

In 2021 four new Houses will be established, to replace the 11 existing Houses that will represent the completion of the amalgamation of Calrossy. This process will involve consultation with the students and our Alumni, over the names, colours and mascots of these new Houses to represent our whole School. This is an exciting and necessary step while these changes do not mean that all activities will be combined at Secondary level or with Primary.

Our cultural programs such as House Music and the War Cry Cup in the secondary along with the house debating in the primary will continue. Along with the athletics, swimming and cross country carnivals. All vying for the overall house champions as this new system will forge new opportunities for our whole School to come together and share in the success of every age group from four years of age.  

Later in 2020, there will be a special time to reflect on and retire the old House structures to fittingly recognise our past and the contribution they have made to our extensive history and culture. The banners of these Houses will be kept safe as symbols of the rich history of our School. 

We encourage our Alumni to email us their memories of your House to and to participate in the naming of the new House names through the use of the survey, which can be found at

Watch our video about the changes here.