At Calrossy each student is made to feel valued as an individual, and as a member of our School community from Preschool through to Year 12.

We place a focus on caring for one another, and caring for ourselves.  Our priority is the Wellbeing of students, their families, staff and others within our community.

The academic, social, emotional, spiritual and physical needs of the children are cared for by the classroom teachers and the extensive welfare support offered at the school.  Within the classroom, caring staff provide genuine pastoral care, and work with each child to teach them skills such as resilience and flexibility, so that they can “bounce back” from the challenges of life.

For students and families who are experiencing difficulties of any kind, support is offered through the Welfare and Chaplaincy team and School Psychologists. In Secondary each year group has a Leader of Wellbeing for boys and girls, who support and work closely with the students throughou the school term. In Primary a buddy system is in place, where our older students support and befriend younger boys and girls.