Revolutionising Distance Education

Calrossy has developed a new distance education program, eCalrossy, to help bridge the gap between students wanting a quality education,  in a supported and connected environment but who are unable to attend traditional school for a number of reasons, including rural families, elite sports people or students with health conditions.


eCalrossy is a great option for those looking to study with the support of a school community, as an alternative to boarding. With full-time distance education for Year 7 commencing in 2021 and expanding to Years 8 and 9 over two years, Calrossy Anglican School are really paying attention to what Australian rural communities are saying.

eCalrossy provides a pathway to a quality, independent education earlier in secondary school than might otherwise be possible. Distance education or home schooled students often have demanding extra-curricular activities, be it working on the farm or sporting commitments after hours. eCalrossy can support those commitments. 

The eCalrossy day starts at 8:40am and ends at 1pm, allowing our students to be who they need to be after hours.

What’s included: 

  • All eCalrossy students are provided with a school set-up MacBook and all training in a supported environment

  • All video conferencing software that allows students to access classes and join in conversations and lessons with ease

  • Access to internal Calrossy IT support for those times when technology may not be working as well as it should. 

  • Following a typical school timetable from 8.40am to 1pm, with four lessons a day, students are taught by Calrossy specialist teachers for each subject. This allows a real school experience in learning and teaching styles. 

  • We encourage online interaction between students and initiate facilitated discussions and group work. This means you get to know your fellow classmates from the comfort of home while developing interpersonal skills and like minded relationships. 

  • With three compulsory residential sessions, this allows you to stay in Calrossy’s boarding houses and participate in educational and social experiences supplementing the distance learning with hands on classes.

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