William Cowper Scholarships

Applications for Scholarships for entry into 2025 are now open and will close Sunday, February 25.  

The William Cowper Scholarship is named after the first Anglican Minister in the region, William Macquarie Cowper (1810 -1902) who was a Revered and respected figure in the Church of England, this scholarship recognises a student’s participation and/or meritous achievement across fields such as education, leadership, community service, sport and/or Christian endeavour. William Cowper was the first Australian-born Anglican clergyman and worked hard and travelled widely, holding services around the New England including Tamworth.

This scholarship can be awarded to a student in any year of secondary schooling. It would be expected that while holding the scholarship the student would actively participate in the areas of school life that were the basis for the awarding of this scholarship.

Supporting documents requested

1. A hand written letter from the student supporting their scholarship application outlining contribution to school community (for all scholarships).

2. A supporting letter of Reference from an Elder, Minister, teacher, coach, instructor, tutor etc (non-relative).

Application form