An exciting stage is about to commence in the lives of your family.  

Attending Preschool is an opportunity for your child to experience a range of activities that will enhance their development, create enthusiasm for learning and foster a sense of enquiry about the world in which they live.

We are honoured to be a part of this important time and look forward to working together to provide the highest quality care and education for your child. This upcoming year will be an exciting time in your child's life as they become involved in a program of play and learning experiences that are appropriated for the ages of children enrolled at Calrossy Preschool.

Your child will be given endless opportunities to imagine, play and create! They will be encouraged in their efforts and their successes will be celebrated.

We have a strong sense of community here at Calrossy Preschool and are honoured to work in partnership with your family to ensure the highest quality of care and education is provided. Communication is vital so please feel free to stop and chat, email or phone us at any time.

Belinda Lockwood.

View our video welcome from our Preschool Director Belinda Lockwood here