Vocational Pathways

38% of our 2022 Year 12 cohort have graduated with an additional nationally recognised certificate level qualification.

At Calrossy there are numerous vocational pathways available, among the most popular are hospitality and primary industries. In 2022 the pathways also include Certificates in Community Services, Plumbing, Animal Studies, Beauty Services, Real Estate, Electrotechnology and Agriculture.

During Years 11 and 12 students participating in the Certificate II in Kitchen Operations will gain the skills to the level of a second year apprentice chef. Work placements in industry must total 70 hours.

Calrossy also has a farm, Tangara ( The Tamworth Area Agri-Industry Skills Trade Training Centre) and runs its own cattle stud, Kamilaroi Shorthorns. This allows students to pursue various agricultural endeavours including courses in Primary Industries. Students involved in the HSC subject Primary Industries regularly visit the farm to carry out the practical component of the subject. Such students have the opportunity to complete either a Certificate II or Certificate III in Agriculture in association with their studies of PI.

There are a number of options available to students at Calrossy who would like to include a business & industry pathway as part of their HSC, and in some instances as early as Year 10.

These pathways are listed under key areas:

  • Industry Curriculum Framework Board Developed (Category B) HSC Courses 

These courses can be included towards the calculations of an ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank) (Only one of these courses can be included as part of the calculations of an ATAR in 2022, there has been a NSW Government Policy Announcement which may see the number of these courses completed and hence be part of the calculations of an ATAR may increase in 2025)

  • NON Framework Board Endorsed Courses (Category B Courses) These courses are nationally recognised qualifications, however in 2022 do not count towards the calculations of an ATAR) .

Some options exist for students who commence year 10, to consider commencing a Vocational Education Training (VET) course as part of year10, in Construction, Automotive or Manufacturing. 

School Based Traineeships or Apprenticeships (SBAT’s) 

SBATs are available to all Year 10, 11 and 12 high school students in NSW. They allow students to commence an apprenticeship or in some instances complete a traineeship while at school. 

A school-based apprenticeship or traineeship combines paid work, training and school; and as well as an industry recognised national qualification you will gain credit towards the HSC.

Some apprenticeships and traineeships can contribute towards the ATAR.

Please Note: The ATAR is a number between 0.00 and 99.95 that indicates a student’s position relative to all the students who also satisfy the requirements to receive an ATAR. Universities use the ATAR to help them select students for their courses and admission to many tertiary courses.