What do parents have to say about Calrossy?

"The whole experience has been exceptional throughout."


“Our Calrossy experience has been nothing but positive. With the benefit of the Little Learners program for pre Prep, then Prep for the year before Kindy our transition to Kindergarten at Calrossy has been beyond smooth. The time spent going to Kindy in the last term of Prep was an absolute gift for us when it came time to go to the ‘big classroom.’ Instead of first day/week nerves there was excitement, confidence and an eagerness to learn because the whole experience was so familiar. The staff are welcoming, very friendly and professional. The whole experience has been exceptional throughout.” Ben and Brandy Ackerman (Parents of Colt, Year 6; Ty, Year 4 and Rowdy, Year 1)

"My children have been at Calrossy for their entire school journey, which has been great. The continuity means their social and academic wellbeing just continues to thrive. I think the model works well, allowing the younger students in secondary to develop their confidence, maturity, skills and knowledge amongst their same sex peers before they go co-ed in the senior years. Parents are always asking me, is it worth it? I say yes. We all want happy, well educated, respectful and confident children, with the courage to chase their dreams. That is what Calrossy delivers!" Tim Thompson (Parent of Mia, Year 12 and Max, Year 9)

"At the end of the day we knew it wasn’t the fancy gates or impressive buildings or the out of this world facilities we were wanting for our boys. We wanted a school that would put every effort and focus in helping them grow into fine young men that would become resilient in challenging circumstances, would show inclusiveness to others, would try and put the needs of others before themselves and lastly to grow them into men of integrity. We felt a Calrossy Education offered good value in comparison to other private schools we had looked at. Boarding offered a very caring, nurturing and family orientated environment. We really could see the boys weren’t just another number but were given personalised care where staff really knew each child individually." Kelly and Rod Grant (Parents of Ben and Sam, graduated; Jamie, Year 8 and Andrew, Year 1)

"Kindergarten at Calrossy was a great introduction to school for both our daughter and us as parents. The orientation experience meant we all felt well prepared before school had even started, and from day one we felt welcomed, supported, and valued. Good communication with the teachers and regular visits to the classroom mean we can share her school experience. Our daughter loves going to school and we are constantly amazed by the teaching and opportunities the school provides, particularly through links to the high school." Rebekah and David Lockart  (Parents of Hannah in Year 2)

"Our two sons have been at Calrossy since kindergarten. Both have been nurtured and supported on their journey.  My sons like music and have had opportunities to play in bands and develop their interest with support. As parents we have had access to teachers whenever needed and this has been greatly appreciated. One of our sons has food allergies and asthma and we always knew he was safe, which was a great comfort." Di and Russell Ison (Parents of Sam, Year 10 and Luka, Class of 2020)