What does a day in boarding look like?

A typical day in boarding at Calrossy;


6:50am                         Wake-up bell. Boarders are required to begin to get ready for the school day

7:15 - 7:45am               Breakfast in the Dining Room

7:45-8:30am                 All boarders return to their dorms to continue their preparations for the day.

                                     Beds are to be made with personal and common areas to be left clean and tidy before school.

8:10am                         Simpson Only – Boys are collected from the boarding house and taken to day school.

8:30am                         Boarders bell. This is the signal for boarders to leave the dorms.

8:40am                         Bell to go to class.

3:00pm/ 3:25pm           End of day school. Boarders return to the dorms and prepare for afternoon activities, such as school sports.

5:10pm                         Dinner: 1st Sitting at the Brisbane Street Campus - Secondary Girls

5:30pm                         Dinner :  Simpson House - Secondary Boys

5:50pm                         Dinner: 2nd Sitting at Brisbane Street Campus - Secondaary Girls

6:30pm                         Prep ( please note that there is no compulsory prep on Friday & Saturday evenings)

                                    Year 7               6:30-8pm

                                    Year 8               6:30-8:10pm

                                    Year 9               6:30-8:20pm

                                    Year 10              6:30-8:30pm

                                    Year 11              6:30-9pm

                                    Year 12              6:30-9:30pm

8pm                             Supper in Dining Room for boarders when leaving their prep areas.

                                    After Prep All Boarders return to their dorms and spend some time getting ready for bed, phoning home etc…

                                    Bed times/ Lights Out

                                     Year 7               9pm

                                     Year 8               9pm

                                     Year 9               9:30pm

                                     Year 10             9:45pm

                                     Year 11             10pm

                                     Year 12             Are to be in own rooms and quiet by 10pm




Until 8:45am                 Breakfast is not compulsory. 

9:30am                         Dorm Inspection, boarders are expected to be dressed. 

11:30am                       Street Leave. Boarders are allowed unsupervised street leave with a group of friends. Saturday morning street leave is out of uniform.

12pm                            Lunch in Dining Room

Afternoon                     Sport and other planned recreational activities.

5-6pm                           Dinner

After Dinner                  A range of activities are on offer before bedtime.

Bedtime                        Year 7               9:15pm

                                      Year 8               9:15pm

                                      Year 9 & 10       9:45pm

                                      Year 11              10pm

                                      Year 12              In own rooms by 10pm



Breakfast                       Breakfast is served from 7:45-8:30am 

9:30am                          Dorm Inspection

9:40am                          Boarders attend Church. Senior Boarders have quiet time for additional study or relaxation.

12:30pm                        Lunch

2pm                              Afternoon recreational activities

Afternoon                     Optional prep sessions

5pm                              Dinner

After Dinner                  Getting ready for bed, preparing for the week ahead Bedtime/Lights Out

Bedtimes the same as weekdays.