A Strong House System for Calrossy

A healthy House system is an integral component of student leadership, belonging and competition. Right from the early years being part of a House is important. We are fortunate that each of the different Calrossy sections has enjoyed positive House involvement through many years, creating the conditions for keen participation in school life, enhancing involvement and healthy rivalry. Students in Primary, Secondary Girls and Secondary Boys have displayed their colours proudly and rallied behind their colours at Swimming, Cross Country and in the other respective competitions, all seeking to win the coveted House cup at the end of each year. The school has demonstrated adaptability during its history, adding to the number of houses and changing names to suit student growth when required. 

Whilst not wanting to diminish the proud histories of the current houses, the existence of 11 different house groups across Calrossy has seen the decision made this year to develop four new houses, common across the range from Prep to Year 12.

Following focus groups last year and student and parent surveys this year, a shortlist of new house names was developed and then voted upon. The options were named for significant Australian figures as we want our new houses to exemplify and be representative our school values. The link here provides a short video explanation of the four new houses that will be embedded into school life in readiness for 2021 .New House Video

During the past week students have been allocated to the new houses. It is our intention to link children in the same family together. Should there exist any problems with the placement of siblings, please contact the relevant Head of school to have this rectified. Please email Dianne.cameron@calrossy.nsw.edu.au (Secondary) or Claire.dalziel@calrossy.nsw.edu.au (Primary) with any queries. Year 11 Captains and School leaders have already been elected and will lead the move to fresh house culture. Already consideration is being made to new colours and emblems for the freshly established groups.

Given that many will feel sad to say farewell to the existing houses, It was our intention to retire them with a celebration of the past and a worthy farewell. However, Covid-19 has prevented much House activity in 2020 and the farewell activities are not possible, though this will not diminish recognition that the 11 houses have played an integral part of our history and heritage. This was evident in the sadness that some of our Alumni felt (and will feel) as the current houses are retired. We are taking steps to ensure that each retains an important place in our history.

I am confident that our new houses will play an important role in promoting positive involvement in leadership, competition and healthy rivalry in our School, supporting great outcomes for all of students. If any alumni have sporting and cultural memoribilia they would like added to the archives of Calrossy, or have any questions please email alumni@calrossy.nsw.edu.au or phone 02 5776 5100

David Smith
Principal Calrossy Anglican School