“eCalrossy - The best distance educational decision we ever made”

With over 100 years’ experience providing quality education and boarding to students in the North West of NSW, Calrossy’s reputation for valuing the individual needs of its students has taken on a new innovative direction.  Calrossy is now delivering a revolutionary distance learning program.  The idea sprang from demand after Calrossy recognised there were rural families wanting solutions for their children who weren’t quite ready for boarding, unable to travel long distances to school each day, or had specific health issues, sporting or other commitments that make it difficult to attend school.

Now in its second year, the innovative distance education program dubbed eCalrossy, delivers quality education to Year 7 and 8 students right into their home in real time. Calrossy currently has 20 students enrolled and has benefitted students from areas of the State like Broken Hill, Barraba, Whitecliffs, Bourke, Sydney, Baradine, Moree, Narrabri and Coonabarabran

In the program, students are provided with a MacBook, the technology and IT support to learn in a supported, connected environment alongside other students studying the same way. For some children it can be the best of both worlds. 

Students get to know their classmates from the comfort of home while developing interpersonal skills and like-minded relationships, which includes residential sessions in the school holidays. At the same time students have access to the proven quality education of Calrossy, which has consistently been the leading school in the North West region of NSW based on HSC results.

Finley Turner is the perfect example of how beneficial the eCalrossy educational program can be.  Finley lives on a station just out of White Clifts which is roughly an hour North West of Wilcannia. Finley is currently in Year 8 at eCalrossy, after his mum Danika heard about the program.

“The dilemma of what to do for my eldest son, Finley in Year 7, was a constant thought throughout Year 6 for us. Having just moved back to Australia from China at the beginning of 2021 there was no way I was ready to send him to Boarding School or wanted him to go through the upheaval and trauma of having to move and start yet another new school.” 

“Towards the end of last year my sister-in-law told me about a new concept being put forward by Calrossy in Tamworth called eCalrossy. This program would allow distance learning but in a virtual classroom model. After my initial chat with the school, I was very keen to go ahead and see how this would work out for us.”

“I must admit that given we were the first year to trail this method I was slightly apprehensive. I assumed there would be some teething problems as it’s only natural that things can’t be perfect the first try.  I’m happy to say that I was very wrong. I have been nothing but impressed with eCalrossy from day one”.

“The first thing that really impressed me without a doubt, were the teachers. They are so warm, friendly and totally engaging while managing to be firm and in control. I could tell that my son responded well to their teaching style, and he has just gone from strength to strength over the last six months.  The quality of his schoolwork has improved no end. He is motivated and organised and completes his assignments and homework with enthusiasm. For the first time in his life assignments are completed well before their due date with a huge amount of effort.  His jump in grades reflects this.”

“The other great aspect of eCalrossy is their residentials which are held at the school three times a year. I think this is a great experience for the kids as they are given a glimpse of what boarding life will be like for them. I feel it’s like easing them into it rather than being thrown off the deep end. My son also chose to join the Year 7 students from Calrossy on their school surfing trip this year which gave him the opportunity to meet other students from the school to make friends for the future.”  

“I’m so thankful that Calrossy was advanced in its approach to education and forward thinking enough to now provide a viable distance learning alternative for parents” said Danika.

On the weekend of the 18th - 19th February, Courtney Coe who is Head of Enrolments & Community, will be on the ground in Lightning Ridge. Courtney will be conducting Personal Appointments and Interviews and is excited to meet some of our current and future Parents to discuss eCalrossy. 

If you are in Narrabri, Lightning Ridge, Walgett, Bourke & Wee Waa on February 18 - 19 and would like to find out more about the eCalrossy program, please call our Head of Enrolments and Community on 5776 5100 or visit www.calrossy.nsw.edu.au  today.