Calrossy teacher among top five in the State

Photo and story: Courtesy of Northern Daily Leader (November 9, 2022)

A Career change was the best decision Sophie Jones ever made.

The Calrossy Anglican School Year 2 teacher was left feeling unfulfilled after she finished her psychology degree, and the switch to teaching has landed her exactly where she wants to be.

The junior school staff member was named a finalist in the Early Career Educator Primary Division Teachers' Guild of NSW awards, placing her in the top five of teachers across the state in that category.

"It was really nice to know all your hard work is noticed and valued," she said.

Ms Jones was put nominated for the award by her co-workers, who she said made her the teacher she is today.

"With teaching you need to find people around you who are going to build you up, and make you grow and blossom," she said.