Calrossy shines a light on reading and writing

Inspiring authors told to make every word count at Calrossy

In this age of the internet and social media, the pressure is on authors to make every page of their book more entertaining than the online options. That’s just one of the messages from Australian author, Jack Heath, when he travelled all the way to Calrossy Anglican School from his home base in Canberra last week.

“The day was full to bursting with all thing’s literature… where the students had the opportunity to learn about how to make their writing engaging and interesting. They heard funny stories and practical writing tips and tricks all could apply,” said Calrossy Librarian, said Zoe Morris.

Leave out the boring bits and read want you to write! They are just two pieces of advice that Australian author, Jack Heath, gave the students. The fiction author of 39 thrillers for adults and children spoke to students from Year 4 to Year 8 on the writing process and the power of their imagination. Heath followed up the sessions with a series of workshops.

“Students were encouraged by the authenticity of an actual working author at the top of his craft showing them how he writes in an accessible way, they were inspired to have a go themselves,” said Mrs Morris.

Heath is the award-winning author who is best known for the Danger, Scream, Liars and Timothy Blake series of books, including Stunt Kid Seriously Stacks It, Villain Kid Fully Busted and 10 Minutes of Danger.

The 35-year-old writer talked to students about how they can make every word count and to write what they would want to read, allowing students to explore their creativity and learn special techniques. 

“They were able to deepen their knowledge and develop sound skills to improve and create. It was wonderful to be able to shine a light on reading and writing in our school.”

The students agreed.

“I love how he taught us how to put humour in writing and make it easy to write” Ashlee McDouall – Year 7

““I really enjoyed listening to Jack Heath talk, it was very interesting to learn about how he writes.  He had a great sense of humour when we were reading out the stories we wrote and he gave us really great feedback.”  Millie Small – Year 7

“The Writing workshop run by Jack Heath was very fun! Jack has a very good knowledge of writing and hilarious sense of humour!  I left the workshop feeling very inspired by Jack’s words and set out to write my own short story!  I would definitely recommend his books and writing tips!” Eve Cannon – Year 7

“The Jack Heath writing workshop was very fun and inspiring.  He taught me lots of writing skills and I feel that I can write better stories than before!” Juliet Mettam – Year 7