Meet Ruby... enjoying the benefits of eCalrossy.

Meet Ruby…  she's a Calrossy student although she lives more than 12 hours away from the Tamworth school.

Ruby is doing eCalrossy, the innovative distance education program, launched by Calrossy in 2021, that's now delivering quality education to Year 7 and 8 students across New South Wales, no matter where they live.

12-year-old Ruby Pearce lives at Gumpopla Station, Packsaddle. It’s a 135,000 acres of grazing country, 285 kilometres north east of Broken Hill, around 150 clicks from the Queensland border. Up until now Ruby has been doing School of the Air but that all changed when her mum, Rebecca, heard about eCalrossy. She knew straight away the distance education program was the answer for Ruby for making the transition to secondary school.

“It’s an amazing option…  I love having her here for Year 7, as a mum having her home for 12 months longer is great. She has 12 months to get her head around high school and we can help her navigate that at home” says Rebecca Pearce.

The plan is for Ruby to join her older sister, Charlotte in Year 9, as a Calrossy Boarder next year. She can’t wait to explore the sporting opportunities in Tamworth such as cricket and gymnastics.

The Calrossy distance education option offers real learning in real time, where the “distance” students have a weekly timetable, with lessons taught by Calrossy’s specialist subject teachers. Rebecca says the eCalrossy advantages are real.

“It is face to face, the technology and the teacher connection is brilliant. You get full engagement of students and teachers.”

“We are really happy” Rebecca says.

Ruby agrees. “I like that you get to see the other students over the screen and it’s easier to communicate and harder to get distracted,” Ruby says. Her favourite subject is art and distance is no barrier to creating.  “We were sent the materials at the start of the year and we can see the other students and their artwork”.

Rebecca says eCalrossy has had a huge positive impact on her family. Freeing her up to spend more time with her two younger daughters, Lucy and Matilda, and help run the family business.

“Distance education can be so demanding as a parent, but with this Ruby is 100% independent. It is setting her up for her future schooling and providing a true reflection of where Ruby is at academically.”

As a trained teacher, Rebecca describes the quality of learning happening through eCalrossy as “exceptional”.

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